LIVE UPDATES: Levaye of the Rachmastrivka Rebbe, zt”l

For Live Photo Gallery.... read more

Congressman Lawler Spearheads Roundtable Discussion to Address Traffic and Crime Issue in Spring Valley

By M.C. Millman Congressman Mike Lawler arranged a roundtable discussion in Spring Valley this morning to focus on two issues in.... read more

Dump Truck Overturns Under Thruway's College Road Overpass

by M.C. MillmanWhile driving down the NYS-Thruway this morning, a dump truck driver with the truck bed completely vertical attempted to.... read more

Fire Breaks out near New Square Matzoh Bakery With Days Remaining to Pesach

by Yitzy Fried This morning, the busy New Square matzoh bakery was evacuated when a fire erupted right outside. The.... read more

Monsey Menahalim Issue Alert to Parents on Potential Dangers of Car Service Transportation

by Yitzy Fried An issue that has been boiling beneath the surface in Monsey communities (and in other communities as well) is.... read more

Tosher Rebbe in Monsey for the Vachnacht and Bris of a Grandchild

by Yitzy Fried The Tosher Rebbe shlit”a is celebrating the birth of a grandchild, the son of his son Rav Chaim Yechiel Alter.... read more

Klausenberger Rebbe Will be in Monsey Today For Hachnosas Sefer Torah

by Yitzy Fried Reb Meir Mordechai Weiss and his family will be inaugurating a brand new sefer Torah this afternoon, and the.... read more

Horrific Accident on Palisades Claims Four Lives, More Severely Injured

BY: Yitzy Fried A terrible accident on the Palisades Parkway last night claimed the lives of four people, and injured a number of.... read more

Press Conference Announces the Arrest of Two Additional Suspects

 By M. C. MillmanAt a press conference held Friday afternoon, August 12, Spring Valley Chief of Police Richard Oleszcuk announced the.... read more

Rockland Firefighters Respond to Verizon Building Fire in Orangeburg

By M. C. MillmanThe Orangeburg Fire Department dispatched firefighters this afternoon to the Verizon building on Kings Highway in.... read more

Stolen Jewelry Recovered and Returned to Rightful Owner

By M. C. MillmanOn Monday evening, July 11, Chavivim volunteers received a call regarding a housekeeper who had stolen a bracelet from an.... read more

100 Dayonim Gather for Timely Shiur on Worm Infestation in Foods

By: Yitzy Fried Every month, Rav Yosef Yisroel Eisenberger, the esteemed dayan of New Square, holds a shiur in which many Rabbonim and.... read more

Developing Person shot on West Eckerson Road in Spring Valley

A male shot at 150 West Eckerson Road in Spring Valley EMS is on scene treating the victim and the Police department investigating the.... read more

Sales around Town

June 6 - June 13Kinderlane, the childrens clothing store, located at 20 Taft Lane, is running a 70% off sale.Laced Shoes, on 455.... read more