Snapshot: Shimon’s Barber Shop

Snapshot: Shimon’s Barber Shop

By: Yitzy Fried

Shimon's Barber Shop is an icon and possibly the first in the Monsey Jewish community. From his shop on Route 59, Shimon has been providing haircuts and friendship to the men and children of Monsey for 26 years. 

He has become known for his effervescent and bubbly personality, even as he goes about his work with meticulousness and precision. 

He agreed to an interview with Rockland Daily, and in conversation, he recalls his journey of one-quarter century, and the successes and challenges that he has been through in this time—all the while he has been guided by the Hand of Hashem. 

“I became a ba’al teshuva around the time that I opened, and I had plans to open a barber shop in Manhattan,” Shimon recalls. “But I came to Monsey for Rosh Hashanah, and a friend mentioned to me that there was no barber shop in town. Then and there, I decided that I would open here… and the rest is history.” 

Shimon’s journey was not without challenges. “I borrowed money from friends and family in order to start the business. In those days, I was making $30 a week in the beginning, and when I was lucky, it was $50 in a week—because I was charging $8 for an adult, and $4 for a child! 

Shimon today has staff working with him, and he has opened another popular shop in Monroe. “If I wouldn’t love what I do, I wouldn’t do this,” Shimon exclaims. He tells us that his passion for his work comes is evident in the way he interacts with his customers. 

“When a customer comes in, I try to give him big attention and love… to create an atmosphere. The best atmosphere!” 

“During Covid, I was closed for three months,” he recalls. “But everything is good. Whatever Hashem does… everything is the best.”  

Shimon thrives on feedback and the connection with his customers.

“The customer is my family… they are the most important,” he says. “People tell me that I am an angel who makes people happy. I don’t say this about myself… but if this is how people feel, this is the ultimate compliment.” 

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