Rockland Writes: New Rockland Campaign Encourages Trashing Others

Rockland Writes: New Rockland Campaign Encourages Trashing Others

Dear Editor, 

Rockland has a new initiative called Keep Rockland Beautiful. It's a cleanup campaign that encourages people not to throw litter out of their car. 

Any kind of litter is disrespectful, and not littering is something we should all be aware of and teach our children to avoid as well. So such a campaign sounds like a very good idea if not for one thing. The campaign goes on to encourage people to be malshan their neighbors by taking pictures of them throwing out litter from their cars and reporting them so they can be prosecuted for their crimes. 

"The program provides every individual an opportunity to be an active participant in reducing litter," the program reads. By active participant, they mean active moser!

 "If you see someone littering from their car, or trash blowing out from the back of a truck, the County Sheriff's Department will send the vehicle owner a warning letter based on your report to Keep Rockland Beautiful," the program guidelines continue. 

So all I have to do is call up the sheriff and complain about my neighbor and they'll get a warning letter based on my say so? 

I say NO! Are we now living in Stalin's Russia, where neighbors report on neighbors? 

While people need to be aware of how important it is to keep Rockland free of litter, I am writing so people can be aware that people out there want to encourage mosrim - a level so low that an ehrliche Yid will never stoop to. 

Leave Russian tactics to the Russians, and let's continue being a light among the nations - not littering in all senses, including not trashing others.


Baruch Rosen

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