Project Focus Inspires Simchas Purim Through Small, Meaningful Steps

Project Focus Inspires Simchas Purim Through Small, Meaningful Steps

 Project Focus has inspired thousands of individuals to minimize the distractions of technology and maximize simcha hachaim.

The organization provides inspiration and tips that include dozens of small changes that can help create long-lasting and empowering habits to connect in a real way with family, friends, and Hashem for more meaningful moments.

Practical Purim Project Focus tips include cutting the photo share craze to just focus on the cute Purim costumes in the same room for a more significant, interactive day and increased simcha for all. 

Tuning into the moment is another real-time focus suggestion, such as during the Purim suedah, in order to add to and enjoy the conversation, laughter, and song going on all around. 

Focus tips applicable for all year long are also available from this movement that has inspired thousands and can be found here.

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