US Mobile Answers the Call - Opening Its First Popup Shop in Spring Valley Marketplace

US Mobile Answers the Call - Opening Its First Popup Shop in Spring Valley Marketplace

by M.C. Millman

In response to the tremendous demand for US Mobile cell service, the provider has opened its first US Mobile popup cellphone store in the Spring Valley Marketplace. 

US Mobile's popularity is based on its offering of kosher cell phone plans starting at $6 a month from the premier Yiddish carrier. It allows Yiden to save while enjoying the best cell phone quality available. 

"When an item is so good that it practically sells itself," says Sam Schwartz, CEO of Samkup  and marketing campaign manager for US Mobile, "to the point that you have to actually slow down on marketing, as occurred several months back due to popular demand because the sales volume was just too hard to keep up with—then you know you're on to something."

US Mobile can offer such outstanding pricing plans because it continuously negotiates for lower prices when purchasing annual plan service bundles. This allows for discounted pricing to be passed down to the customer. Conducting a majority of its business online also allows US Mobile to save on overhead and charge lower prices. 

Despite the low prices, the service is of the same caliber as that of well-known carriers because it is provided through those carriers. US Mobile currently relies on two of the nation's big carriers for its service. These carriers aren't actually disclosed anywhere on US Mobile's website, but it's well known. An AT&T option is coming soon so customers can choose the best network in their area.

The Spring Valley popup site is US Mobile's first effort to have a physical location to serve a community that isn't always able to access an online phone plan, no matter how good the deal. The new Rockland location will serve as a pilot program, and its success will prove the need for further physical locations for the phone service in other Yiddish locations. The plan is to turn the popup site into a permanent location, but for now, US Mobile will be in the Spring Valley Marketplace until Pesach.  

"US Mobile is a national brand and offers service internationally," Michael Melmed, CFO of US Mobile, shares with Rockland Daily, "but there is nothing better than embracing a local community where we can deliver exactly what the community needs. This is a win-win. We bring the service, plans, and pricing that people want. And they reciprocate by telling their family and friends about us. Word of mouth is the great equalizer for us. It means we don’t have to spend as much money on marketing for awareness, and it means our pricing can be even more competitive. Moreover, when customers stay with us for the long term, we have the confidence and motivation to keep investing in that community."

The prices are so low that people are often afraid that there must be a gimmick or that rock-bottom pricing is there to rope in customers, who will then see prices inflate over time. The reality is that the opposite is true; prices have dropped consistently over the years for customers. Two years ago, customers paid $12 for the plan, which is $6 today.

"This might sound unusual coming from a CFO, but I can tell you that our goal is NOT to squeeze profits by raising prices," says  Melmed. "We have plenty of profit margin as it is. Our goal is to delight customers. If they are delighted - and they stay - and they refer their family and friends - that's what generates long-term value. That's how we look at ROI.

"US Mobile's phone plans are like buying brand name quality without the price," Hershy Itzkowitz, a US Mobile customer of many years, shares with Rockland Daily. "You get the same product without the price tag. It's a no-brainer." 

US Mobile works with Greentouch as both companies have a special affinity with the Heimisheheimishe community and go the extra mile to provide exactly what is needed and wanted, including the phones the community most appreciates. US Mobile offers a one-of-a-kind deal for the new Mind phone through Greentouch. The exclusive deal on the totally kosher and elegant phone comes at a price of $279 with a free year of service. 

There are many reasons we opened the store in the Marketplace," Moshe Shloima Levin, the manager of the new popup site, shares exclusively with Rockland Daily. "Many people appreciate having a live experience before deciding on a phone plan. People like to shop where their needs are understood and where they can speak with sales representatives who speak their language. Another reason this popup site is so popular is that people don't want to wait for SIM cards to arrive at their houses. They need it activated right away, which we can do. We can also set up a special line for customers who want to speak to Eretz Yisroel regularly, which is a unique marketing niche. We can also assist those who don't have an email address and can't apply online for phone service." 

Other US Mobile plans include an unlimited $23 monthly plan for one line with discounts for a family plan. There is also a ten-dollar-a-month plan for home phone service.

"From the initial feedback in the first 24 hours, this popup shop is going to be huge for our ability to embrace this community, and we see this as only the beginning," Melmed concludes.

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