Monsey's Chevra Kadisha Holds 54th Annual Zayin Adar Seudah

Monsey's Chevra Kadisha Holds 54th Annual Zayin Adar Seudah

By M. C. Millman

Monsey's Chevra Kadisha held their fifty-fourth annual Zayin Adar seudah on Sunday night, March 17. 

The suedah took place at the shul of Rabbi Hershel Waxman, z'tl, founder of the Monsey Chevrah kadisha and one of the Monsey community's pioneers as shared by Rockland Daily here. 

"The annual event is very holy minhag Yisroel," a Chevra Kadisha member shared exclusively with Rockland Daily. " It's something we try to do every year."

The event was attended by a small group of a couple dozen men, all of whom take it upon themselves to accept a taanis for the day. 

During the evening, one of the Chevra Kadisha members shared some inspirational words, a poignant reminder of the position Rabbi Waxman used to fill in Zayin Adar's past. 

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