TONIGHT: Unger, Kempeh, and Schapiro Take Stage at Debut ‘Kumzing’ Event

TONIGHT: Unger, Kempeh, and Schapiro Take Stage at Debut ‘Kumzing’ Event

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The Kumzing phenomenon is legendary in Israel for bringing together music stars and afficionados of Jewish music for evenings dedicated to high-quality kumzitz-style concerts. 

Tonight, fans of Jewish music in the Tri-State Area will be thrilled with the beautiful sound of the Kumzing phenomenon at the Ritz Theater. 

The event is produced by the legendary international music producer Shulem Wagschal, and will headline music starts Shulem Unger—hot off the release of his new album Shulem Aleichem— and king of kumzitz Naftali Kempeh. A special guest appearance will be the legendary Mordy Schapiro.

They will be accompanied by the acclaimed Hamenagnim Orchestra—which has become synonymous with the Kumzing concerts—and they will be led by Maestro Yehida Glili. 

While the entire ground floor is designated for men, the upstairs balcony is reserved for women, accommodating the sensibilities of many in the community who wish to take part in this incredible performance while keeping to their deeply-held values. 

A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit Zaka, which has been the face of Chesed and Mesiras Nefesh in Eretz Yisroel in recent month

The audience is sure to be swept away by the incredible joy, unity, and music that will reverberate throughout the venue, and tickets are selling out fast. 

It is still not too late to get yourself and your family into the spirit of Purim, and take part in this memorable debut Kumzing event that will remain with you through Purim and beyond. 

Click here for tickets. 

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