Monsey Memories: Adolph Goldstein, Haverstraw Pioneer

Monsey Memories: Adolph Goldstein, Haverstraw Pioneer

Yitzy Fried 

Back in the year 1880, a Yid by the name of Aaron Goldstein came to Haverstraw and after davening in temporary locations for a while, founded Sons of Jacob of Haverstraw in 1899—being the first to be listed on its certificate of incorporation. Today, we take a glimpse into his life story as told through his obituary.

 Mr. Adolph Goldstein, for more than 45 years one of this village's most respected and prosperous citizens, died at his home on Droad Street in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

He was known generally to a wealth of acquaintances, all of whom loved the grand old gentleman as being indisposed. His death occasioned general regret throughout the whole community. Mr. Goldstein came to Haverstraw about the year 1880 and first located in business in what was then known as the Hamilton building that stood at the corner of Rockland and Division Streets, the property several years ago with others going down in the slide (this refers to the infamous mudslide that took place in Haverstraw in 1908). 

He subsequently acquired the Isaac DeBaun property on Main Street and engaged extensively in the dry goods and men's furnishing goods business, which he successfully conducted for several years until he retired and turned the business over to his nephew, Mr. David Pressler. 

As a citizen and businessman, he was highly esteemed. He was a devout member of the Hebrew congregation of the Sons of Jacob and was the president for many years of the Synagogue In days gone by when the Hebrew population was less affluent and their resources not so extensive, he was practically the congregation, and it is known that not only was his activity but his personal means the source of inspiration and the strength that maintained the institution. The extensive property now owned by the congregation, including the Synagogue and the rectory on Clove Avenue, were largely the result of his intelligent, constructive administration. 

He was a devout communicant of that creed and gathered around him in his effort for its uplift and upbuilding and the education of the youth of the village, practically all the substantial men of the village who loved him as did the entire Christian population who enjoyed his acquaintance. 

In his death, the Editor feels a personal loss. He was always so kind, so good with advice and ever willing and ready to lend aid and assistance. Many times, in political and other capacities, serving as executor, the writer was obliged to qualify with bonds, giving ample surety and in practically every instance, this good friend of ours willingly signed his named to the legal documents guaranteeing the faithful as well as financial execution of the transactions. 

It is seldom that a body of a deceased person is brought into the Synagogue and the services held in front of the Holy Scroll and it is only an exception where the recipient of such honors, according to the Hebrew rites, are accorded men who are sincere in their devotion and worthy in every way and from every point of view tor such honor and distinction. 

Besides his affiliation with the Masonic fraternity, Mr. Goldstein had been a member of General Warren Hose Company almost during his entire residence in the village, so that not only do we feel a personal loss but the entire community they have sustained the loss of a good dear friend who was ever wise in counsel and ever willing to lend a hand in every good movement that happened for the betterment of the village of Haverstraw.

Mr. Goldstein, who was born in 1832 in Russia, passed away in 1927 and was interred in the Sons of Jacob Cemetery in Haverstraw. 

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