Dee Voch Afikomen Subscription Special!

Dee Voch Afikomen Subscription Special!

Dee Voch is more than just a magazine; it’s the talk in the circles and on the cheder buses. The weekly magazine is jam packed with content for everyone to enjoy.

First, of course, is the well-known, main adult magazine, chock full of interesting articles, interviews, and news. The children get their own separate magazine catered just for them, loaded with fun articles, comics, and stories for kids of all ages. In addition to all that, there is also a weekly pictorial magazine with photos highlighting the rebbish and Jewish events of the week. 

In honor of Pesach, Dee Voch is running an epic afikomen special! If you subscribe to Dee Voch now, in addition to getting the weekly delivered magazine package, you will receive 5 newly published comic books, 2 new CDs, and the new Meilich and Malky stickers. 

Signing up makes you a winner in more than one way, since besides the fantastic magazines you’ll be getting delivered every week, you’ll also receive the bonus gifts that are included only for this afikomen special! So get your family the afikomen gift they really want and subscribe to Dee Voch now!

This special is valid until Sunday, Parshas Kedoshim.

To receive the bonus gifts before Pesach (3 books and the stickers package, 2 more books to arrive in time for Shavous), subscribe by 7 Nissan, April 15. Call: 718-305-5863 Ext 1 or WhatsApp here.

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