Clean Green Solar Power Plan Now in the Red

Clean Green Solar Power Plan Now in the Red

By M. C. Millman 

One thousand one hundred ninety-six solar panels installed just outside the hamlet of Pearl River have been dismantled. 

The solar farm was installed in 2018 as part of a 9-project deal with Monolith Solar. The panels, set up in the state-owned cloverleaf where Route 304 meets North Middletown Road, were allegedly going to produce more than 500,000 kWh of AC power, about enough to power about 80 homes annually. 

The panels are part of a statewide program to generate solar energy on state property and rights-of-way. The energy produced by the panels goes back into the grid, and the State gets energy credits.

The shocking part is that the solar farm remained offline for almost a 4-year lifespan. 

“Interesting CBS News report on the removal of the solar panel from Pearl River,’ Orangetown Supervisor Teresa Kenny posted earlier today. “Per the report, the panels were never hooked up or generated any electricity. NYS, without any notice, came into Orangetown, cut down trees, and installed a solar array, which remained a blight on our community for 4 years, for us to now find out that they never served any purpose. Shameful waste of taxpayer dollars. I expect NYS to do the right thing by us and replant trees for every one that was cut down.”

“It’s disgraceful and another example of New York’s ineffective and costly energy policy,” Assemblyman Mike Lawler says,  “not to mention the removal of large pine trees in the spot that was “used” for the solar panels that were never turned on.”

In the meantime, the State insists it is still on track to meet clean energy goals for 70% of electricity to come from renewables by 2030.  


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