Too Many Happy Returns - Amazon Warns Buyers About Frequently Returned Items

Too Many Happy Returns - Amazon Warns Buyers About Frequently Returned Items
by M.C. Millman

Amazon has started warning potential buyers when an item they are about to purchase has been frequently returned.

The helpful notice proposes that potential buyers check the product details and customer reviews before purchasing. 

The new frequently returned warning resulted from the rising costs of returns, which rose even higher during the pandemic as customers were more prone to ordering more than one item to decide which was the most appropriate. 

And while it's true that Amazon's liberal return policy encourages more purchases, it also brings more returns of items that are often unsaleable due to open packages, damage, or odors creating a tremendous loss for Amazon and even more for Amazon sellers on the platform. 

"I cringe when I see an order for the same product in four different colors," says one Amazon seller, "because I know that, more likely than not, three of those products are going to be returned through Amazon's free return policy." 

Changes such as Amazon's new warning system make one wonder how much longer free returns will be a sustainable option for sellers, leaving the buyers at a disadvantage that most have only brought on themselves. 

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