‘The Hub’ Will Revolutionize Business in the Heimish World and Beyond

‘The Hub’ Will Revolutionize Business in the Heimish World and Beyond

Yitzy Fried 

The heimish business world is buzzing with the news of the opening of “The Hub,” a place where business professionals, as well as those from the community seeking to enter the business world, will network with each other, learn from veterans of the industry, and advance themselves as they prepare to go out and bring their products and services to the broader world. 

Rockland Daily spoke with one of the people behind ‘the hub,’ who spoke about the vision behind this idea and the goals that it has set out to achieve. 

“It is no secret that our community has made incredible and unbelievable advances in the business world through sheer hard work and utilizing skills that were sharpened over the Gemara over decades. But as business people prepare to meet and interact with people outside our community… this calls for additional skills and knowledge that they may not yet have acquired. ‘The hub’ is here to fill that gap."

Communication is at the heart of any business interaction, and ‘The hub’ will be offering English classes as a first foray into integrating yungeleit from the Heimish world into the broader business world. The English course is taught by Reb Benzion Elkoby of “Fluent Talk” who has seen enormous success with his hundreds of students. 

But the English courses are just the beginning. “The hub will serve as a hub where everyone can learn about business concepts and knowledge from veterans and experts from our community who have many years of business experience—giving them a leg up in their own business pursuits.”  

All instructors come from our community, and all students of the courses are from our community—making this a pleasant, growth-filled experience that will raise our community's business acumen and skills exponentially.

Register here. 

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