Speaker McCarthy Visits Rockland in Show of Support for Congressman Lawler

Speaker McCarthy Visits Rockland in Show of Support for Congressman Lawler

by M.C. Millman

Kevin McCarthy, United States House of Representatives Speaker, visited Rockland County yesterday during a fundraising event where he met with community leaders, business people, political activists, and donors, all in a show of staunch support for Congressman Mike Lawler. 

The visit began with a stop in Forshay, where the Speaker met with community leaders who came to join the fundraiser, including Rabbi Chaim Rotenberg, the Forshay Rebbe. 

The next stop was the Village of New Square, where McCarthy was welcomed with much fanfare at an outdoor reception. 

The day concluded with a high-dollar fundraiser for Lawler in Armonk.

This trip was monumental in that it was the first trip the Speaker took for a member since being elected. The trip clearly symbolizes McCarthy's support for Congressman Lawler and his wish to see the Congressman continue to succeed. 

Despite being a Freshman, Lawler's support for McCarthy was also critical, most memorably during the multiple rounds of voting before McCarthy became Speaker when Lawler was instrumental in using his considerable people skills to help McCarthy persevere until he gained the position of Speaker. At the time, Lawler said, "Kevin has the support of the overwhelming majority of us, and we will be voting for him, whether it's one ballot or 100 ballots or more." 

In the same way, McCarthy invested time and effort to help Lawler get elected in the first place. His goal with today's visit was to ensure Lawler has the tools needed to succeed in the next election. A 2024 success will quiet the naysayers and show that the red seat Lawler holds stays that way. 

"I thought today was a historic visit on the part of the Speaker of the House, to visit Rockland County, Monsey, and New Square," Congressman Lawler shares exclusively with Rockland Daily, "and I think it speaks volumes of the importance of this district to the majority and the Speaker's recognition of that, which is why this was the first trip by the Speaker for any member. And I think it was an important one."

This is not the first time McCarthy has visited Rockland County, and if today was any indication, it will certainly not be the last.

photos by: Menachem Sebbeg and Nissan B.

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