Sales around Town

Sales around Town

June 6 - June 13

Kinderlane, the childrens clothing store, located at 20 Taft Lane, is running a 70% off sale.

Laced Shoes, on 455 Route 306, is selling shoes at 40% off. Exclusions Apply.

You can get great deals for 50% off at Natali, a store selling current season items on 401 W. Rt. 59.

Ombre, on 34 Bush Lane, is running a 50% off sale.

Green Tag, on 17 Main St is running a 50% off summer sale.

Kids Go, located on 20 Mezritch Rd, is selling all weekday fashion at 50% off and all Shabbos fashion at 70% off.

Lastly, Le Chapeau located at 106 Washington Ave, is selling its entire summer collection for 25% and 40% off.

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