Rockland Responds: Rockland Green Responds to Recycling Questions

Rockland Responds: Rockland Green Responds to Recycling Questions

Can you help me with a few recycling questions that keep cropping up? I am wondering if my recycling bin is recyclable since I still have one that was broken by last year's snow plow, as I'm not sure what to do with it. Also, how do I know which plastic gets recycled and which doesn't? Are aluminum pans recyclable - we use so many of them I would feel better hearing that they are. What about kitchen tools (broken hand can opener and corkscrew) and garden tools? I have quite a few rusty ones I am replacing and don't want to just throw them out. Last of all, cardboard- I know brown boxes are recyclable, but about cereal boxes and pasta boxes and ... 


Puzzled Recycler

Dear Puzzled, 

Recycling doesn't have to be a puzzle - although we totally understand how puzzling it can be. That is why we created our  "What Goes Where?' tool to limit unnecessary waste and help us Rockland recycle. By clicking here - you can enter an item and not only check how to recycle it but see what your local recycling schedule is as well. Additionally, you can print out a copy of our Recycling Guide, which I have attached here.

For any recycling questions, feel free to reach out to or email at email Jennifer Sheridan, Assistant Solid Waste Educator [email protected]  845-753-2200.

Happy Recycling, 

Rockland Green

To have your question sent to a local elected official, email [email protected].

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