Rockland Responds: County Executive Ed Day Responds to Question on Expanding TOR Buses

Rockland Responds: County Executive Ed Day Responds to Question on Expanding TOR Buses


 I am a resident of Rockland County, living in the Chestnut Ridge area.

Like many heimish people living outside the Monsey/Spring Valley circle, where the TOR buses are not accessible, we are looking for a better and easier way of transportation to Main Street and shopping areas.

 In my case, I live close to Pine Brook and Route 45, and there are no buses in that area.

Is there a way you can expand the buses to service those areas?

 Thanks for your help

Chestnut Ridge Resident


Dear Chestnut Ridge Resident, 

The Transport of Rockland (TOR) bus service operates 10 bus routes within Rockland County. The route that mostly closely serves that area is the TOR #92. Schedules for all of the TOR routes can be viewed here. 

While we are unable to expand the TOR service at this time, we always appreciate resident input and keep suggestions in mind for the future. If you are a resident with a disability or are 60 years of age or older, you can consider registering for the TRIPS paratransit bus service as an alternative. Here is a link to the TRIPS information on our website.

It should also be noted that several municipalities (towns/villages) within Rockland County offer their own forms of transportation for residents. The Town of Clarkstown and the Village of Kaser also have their own municipal public transit bus services. 

Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

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