Rockland Responds: Congressman Lawler Responds to Missing Mail Mystery

Rockland Responds: Congressman Lawler Responds to Missing Mail Mystery

In response to the Rockland Responds: Village of New Hempstead Mayor Abe Sicker Responds to Missing Mail Mystery from July 3 found here, Congressman Mike Lawler's office took the appropriate steps to address the issue and responded to the missing mail issue for the neighborhood with the following.

Dear M.M.,

We understand how frustrating it can be not receiving mail delivery for three days in a row.

The Monsey Post Office, which services your mail delivery, has the most extensive distribution of any post office in the region, as it covers the 10952 and the 10977 zip codes. This is far larger than other regional post offices, such as the New City, Pomona, and Haverstraw post offices, which are responsible only for their own zip codes. As such, they have ongoing staffing issues due to the sheer size and volume of the routes they cover. Our office is working to address both the long-term issues and short-term issues at the Monsey Post Office.

We did reach out to the post office with your complaint and were happy to hear that they connected with you regarding your issue - a short-term issue due to a deficit in staffing. Now that your regular mail carrier is back, we were happy to hear you have not had an issue with any missed delivery days since.

We were glad to assist in resolving the issue of your missing mail and hope that the long-term solutions we are working towards ensure that this is not a situation that repeats itself for you or anyone else serviced by the Monsey Post Office.

Should anyone else find themselves in a similar position, we encourage them to reach out to our office. Please don't hesitate to contact our office at 845-201-2060 or reach out on our website at

Rafi Silberberg, Director of Constituent Services - Office of Congressman Mike Lawler

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