Weekly Weather: Clouds and Rain with a Chance of Sunshine

The weather today will be partly cloudy with some sunshine, bringing the temperature to a warmer 67 degrees. More rain showers and overcast skies.... read more

Weekend Weather: Clouds With a Chance of Rain

Today’s weather will be cloudy with a 90% chance of rain throughout the day and a high of 60 degrees. The cloudy skies will continue into the.... read more

Weekly Weather: Warm Days Ahead With A Mix of Sun and Rain

Today will finally bring some sun and a high of 51 degrees. Monday will be sunny and warm with a high of 64 degrees, with the.... read more

Weekend Weather: Mix of Clouds and Possible Showers

Today’s weather will be mostly cloudy with a chance of rain in the afternoon, and a high of 48 degrees and a low.... read more

Weekly Weather: Wet Week Ahead With Possible Snow Flurries

Today's highs should reach 57 degrees under partly cloudy skies, giving way to showers after four a.m. Rain will continue.... read more

Weekly Weather - Wet Week Ahead

Today will be sunny, with highs topping 50 degrees. On Tuesday, we will see similar temperatures but with cloudy.... read more

Weekend Weather: Downpour Over Shabbos Giving Way to Windy Purim Day

Sun will give way to clouds later in the day, with temperatures creeping past forty. Rain is expected Friday night after 1.... read more

Weekly Weather: Fluctuating Temperatures Throughout the Week

Today will reach 56 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds, and overnight temperatures will drop into the upper thirties. Monday.... read more

Weekend Weather: Mix of Sun and Clouds With Mild Temperatures

Concluding this week's warming trend, erev Shabbos will be mostly cloudy with highs in the.... read more

Weekly Weather: A Break in the Clouds After Wet Start to Week

Partly cloudy skies will give way to rain later in the afternoon, as temperatures in the upper forties will prevail for most of the.... read more

Weekend Weather: Clouds and Sun With Seasonable Temperatures

Today will be sunny throughout the day, with a high of 54 degrees. Overnight clouds Friday night will lead to rain on Shabbos.... read more

Weekend Weather: Rainy Week With Mild Temperatures Ahead

Today, it will reach a high of 59 degrees under mostly sunny skies. An overcast Monday will also be in the mid-fifties with.... read more

Weekly Weather: Mixed Weather Week With Range of Temperatures, Sun, Rain, and Small Chance of Snow

Sunny day today with highs near forty degrees. Monday will see a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 52.Tuesday will.... read more

Weekend Weather: Dry But Cold Stretch

This morning's rain will dissolve by midday, leaving skies overcast with a high of 47 by late.... read more

Weekly Weather: Sunny Start to Week Ending in Showers

Today will see a high of 35 degrees under sunny to partly cloudy skies.Monday and Tuesday will be sunny, with highs in the upper thirties..... read more

Weekend Weather: Light Snow Precedes Mostly Sunny Weekend

Erev Shabbos will see mostly sunny skies with highs barely reaching 40 for the day.  Clouds will thicken overnight, with an.... read more

Weather Alert: Additional Snowfall Expected Overnight and Into Tomorrow

The predicted amount of accumulation expected for Rockland County in tonight's upcoming snowstorm has increased to a  potential twelve inches.... read more