Recalculating Google Mapping

Recalculating Google Mapping

by  M.C. Millman

Google's Immersive View for Maps travel tool has been updated to add a multidimensional experience allowing the viewer to see everything on their upcoming route in 3D.

Google will use AI to combine its Street View and aerial images to create 3D models within its Maps app. The new set of creative tools, announced at the Google I/O developer conference last week, is expected to allow more real-world experiences mapped onto specific buildings or locations.

The new Google Maps Immersive View will allow viewers to preview everything from bike lanes to sidewalks, intersections, and parking along a chosen route. The route view will be available whether the viewer selects driving, walking, or biking. The app will utilize AI and historical driving trends to forecast traffic, depending on the time of day selected for being out on the road. 

Air quality information and weather changes throughout the day will also adjust when using the time slider tool. 

The new Immersive View for routes will be rolled out in more than 15 cities for starters in the coming months. The cities included are Amsterdam; Berlin; Dublin; Florence, Venice, Italy; Las Vegas; London; Los Angeles; Miami; New York; Paris; San Francisco; San Jose, California; Seattle; and Tokyo.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

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