News Roundup: Jewish Man Shot with BB Gun in Williamsburg, US and Israel See Eye-to-Eye on Iran, Second Black Box Found after Chinese Plane Crash, and More

News Roundup: Jewish Man Shot with BB Gun in Williamsburg, US and Israel See Eye-to-Eye on Iran, Second Black Box Found after Chinese Plane Crash, and More

by Yehudit Garmaise

BB Gun Shooter Injures Young Jewish Man in Williamsburg

Police and Williamsburg Shomrim are reviewing surveillance to determine the source of shots from a BB gun that that hit a young Jewish man in the back at 1:20pm on Sunday.

Hatzolah transported the young man, who was walking at Myrtle Ave. and Throop Ave. to Bellevue Hospital.

Arab Israeli Terrorists Kill Two Israeli Police Officers and Wound Several Others in Hadera

Two Israeli-Arab terrorists affiliated with the Islamic State were shot dead after they killed two Israeli police officers, a 19-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman, and wounded 10 others in the northern Israeli town of Hadera on Sunday night.

The terrorists, Ibrahim and Ayman Ighbariah, were cousins from the northern Arab Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm. Police said they arrived at the scene with 1,100 bullets, as well as at least three handguns and six knives.

Security camera footage from the scene, which was at a bus stop, close to several restaurants, shows two gunmen opening fire at passersby and police officers. The video showed one of the gunmen shooting several times at a victim who lying on the ground, before snatching that person’s rifle and opening fire on a man who was riding by on a bicycle, before undercover Israeli police officers shot the perpetrators dead.

Israel and US See “Eye-to-Eye” in Preventing Iran from Creating a Nuclear Bomb

The US and Israel “see eye to eye,” on keeping Iran from creating a nuclear weapon, reported US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who held a press conference with Yair Lapid, Israel’s alternate prime minister and minister of foreign affairs, today in Jerusalem.

Blinken added that The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which is a 159-page document of non-nuclear proliferation to which Iran agreed in 2015 with China, France, Germany, Russian, the UK, and the US, is the best way “to put Iran’s nuclear program back in the box it was in.”

“Beyond its nuclear efforts, Iran continues to engage in a whole series of destabilizing activities,” said Blinken, who also criticized the Yemen-based and Iranian-backed Islamicist group, “the Houthis,” which have attacked Saudi and Emirati civilians and infrastructure. “The US will continue to stand up to Iran when it threatens us or our allies and partners,” he says.

Chinese Investigators Find Second Black Box of Crashed China Eastern Plane

The cause of the March 21 China Eastern plane crash that killed all of its 132 passengers is still unknown, however, now that both of the flight’s black boxes have now been recovered, investigators can begin to piece together what caused the plane to plunge more than 20,000 feet in just more than one minute.

On Wednesday, the plane’s cockpit voice recorder, its first black box, was found, and today, the plane’s second black box, which tracked flight data, such as speed and altitude, was found recovered.

The flight, which, last Monday was transporting passengers from Kunming to Guangzhou in China, suddenly and mysteriously nosedived into the mountainous Tengxian County.

Ukrainians Fight Back, Recapture Villages

After Russian missiles struck the city of Lviv in western Ukraine yesterday, in a series of fierce counterattacks, today the Ukrainians managed to reclaim several of their villages, villages, east of Kharkiv, and 63 miles northwest of Mariupol, which has been under siege from Russian forces for weeks.

Today’s satellite imagery revealed intense warfare taking place in the two villages.

“The Melitopol Territorial Defense Battalion, together with other units of the Zaporizizhia Defense Forces, have successfully liberated the villages of Poltavka and Malynivka east of Huliaipole from the Russian occupiers,” CNN reported.

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