Min Hashomayim • Shlomo Yakov Weber, Ari Hill & Yossi Shtendig

Live Emotional Chuppa: "Min Hashomayim" with Shlomo Yakov Weber, Ari Hill & Yossi Shtendig.

Checkout this live emotional Chuppa that recently took place featuring Shlomo Yakov Weber and Ari Hill. This production came together when a local Ba’al Simcha wanted two of the greatest Balei Regesh in the Heimiseh world to perform live at his daughter's Chuppa.

Think no farther than Shlomo Yakov Weber and Ari Hill.

It was the perfect combination - Weber, who is known for his talentful rhymes and emotional style that never leaves a dry eye in the audience. And Ari Hill, known worldwide for his young, energetic and yet soul stirring voice.

The live Chuppa starts off with a rendition of Zanvil Wienberger’s “Min Hashamayim” by Shlomo Yakov and Ari accompanied by the amazing Yossi Shtendig Musicality production. Then transitions to Da lecha Beni and climaxes with Beri Weber’s “Aheim”.

Be sure to check out the entire video and enjoy the emotional release it brings you. ( It definitely will!)

A special thanks to MW Productions and Duvid Shtendid for making this happen. And a shout out to Ari Levy - Studio On Dot.


Mixed By: Gershy Schwarcz @ Edgware Studios

Video Editing by: Ari Levy @ Studio On Dot

Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

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