Hershy Rottenberg - Varemkeit

And we're happy to be back with the latest addition to the series called 'MeinLidel'.

A collection of heartwarming, brief yet impactful melodies that were inspired by Hershy's travels around the world and the stories he heard from fellow Yidden. As a performer, Hershy collaborated with his colleague and music arranger Duvid Fink from Belgium Antwerp to create a duo and collect these melodies.

They’re now releasing them as singles on a monthly basis, compiled into an EP.

To facilitate the release of the series, Hershy enlisted the help of Yossi Shick from the renowned 'Yossi Shick Label', who is now part of the team working on the rest of the songs in the series.

The project's vision was executed to perfection by designer Yonatan Benet, who was responsible for the video concept, design, and animation.

The second song in the series, 'Varemkeit', is a touching tribute to Rabbi Sender Matias, a beloved teacher in the Belz Boys School in Antwerp who touched the lives of countless children with his unique and compassionate approach to education.

The song describes a dialogue between a teacher and a child, as the teacher showers the child with warmth and love in an effort to draw the child's heart to Torah and Mitzvos.

Inspired by the rich legacy of Rabbi Matias, the lyrics of the song are a testament to his unwavering commitment to his students and his boundless love for them.

Take pleasure in listening to the touching melody, "Varemkeit," and stay tuned for additional soulful music to come in the "MeinLidel" series.

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