Experience Sukos in New Hampshire

Experience Sukos in New Hampshire

by M.C. Milman

Experience an uplifting heimish getaway with your family this Sukos at the Presidential Mountain Resort in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire. 

Enjoy Yom Tov in a serene private cabin complete with a private sukah and all the conveniences of a frum environment. 

Yom Tov tefillos will be led by heimish balei tefillah at the on-site shul. A mikveh is available on the premises as well. 

Take the option of enhancing your stay by ordering gourmet, freshly prepared YomTov food provided on-site while enjoying round-the-clock coffee and tea available in the communal sukah. 

Additionally, on-site activities, in addition to the nightly Simchas Beis Hashoevah celebrations, are an entire program of children's entertainment options, including a magic show, horseback riding, hayrides, a petting zoo, a playground with a separate toddler play area, biking, hiking trails, boating, 

Book now for your unforgettable Yom Tov experience today by calling 603-307-6764 ext 6. Visit HERE for more details - or email [email protected] for further information.

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