Declared State of Emergency in Rockland Shutting the Barn Door After the Horses Escaped?

Declared State of Emergency in Rockland Shutting the Barn Door After the Horses Escaped?

By M.C. Millman

After this week's State of Emergency Declaration was announced to put a monkey wrench in New York City Mayor Eric Adams's plan to handily dispose of 340 illegal aliens by busing them to Rockland and leaving them there without consulting with Rockland County, others are speaking up as well to voice their concern over the plan. 

Congressman Mike Lawler voiced his support of the State of Emergency during a press conference that took place on Monday, May 8.

"I joined County Executive Ed Day after our press conference to discuss our opposition to Mayor Eric Adams' plan to bus migrants into Rockland," Congressman Lawler tweeted. "We don't know anything about them, including whether or not they have criminal backgrounds or have been vetted properly."

Orange County declared its own state of emergency on Monday evening when County Executive Steven Neuhaus joined Rockland County Executive Ed Day in declaring his own State of Emergency for his County to combat New York City's plan to house nearly a hundred asylum seekers to a local hotel in his County. 

Saved by the bell, say some, but others are wondering if our local electeds have actually been asleep at the wheel and have only now woken up to the dire circumstances that are already the reality in Rockland County. 

"Rockland County has always welcomed newcomers, and this past year, which saw a significant influx of migrants to the county, has been no different, but it has placed a strain on local services," Rockland County Legislature Chairman Jay Hood Jr said in a statement. 

Facts shared by Legislature Hood include that between September 2022 and March 2023, Rockland County experienced a 35 percent increase in the number of children under foster care. 

Additionally, more than 1,000 new students, most requiring ESL classes, have enrolled in the East Ramapo Central School District during that time, costing taxpayers $20,000 each per year, creating a $20 million budget increase in the last year alone.

Food pantries in Rockland are running out of food as illegal aliens continue to flood the County. 

In April, one of the County's nonprofit contract agencies reported that more than 475 households sought food from its pantry, more than double the number seen three years ago. 

In February, the County's warming center averaged more than 60 guests per night, with 220 individuals receiving services, an increase of 50 percent versus the previous year. 

There is a tremendous shortage of affordable housing in Rockland County, and several nonprofits have expressed concern about meeting the need for residents already here and receiving services, let alone trying to help additional newcomers. 

"An uncoordinated effort to drop people off by the busload is just not a workable solution," Hood says. "It's an irresponsible plan that helps no one, not the migrants, local residents, taxpayers, or town and county governments left shouldering the burden.

"Rockland County is not set up to handle such demands, nor should local taxpayers have to bear the load of such expenses. Clearly, the Federal Government in Washington needs to act – all of Washington – the President, the House, and the Senate to either stem the tide of migrants or find a system to help these individuals." 

That strain has been happening for quite some time now as too many of our elected leaders have been burying their heads in the sand, but the problem isn't going away. It's only growing. But, it seems the 340 illegals just might have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

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