Beri Weber - Parsha

We live in an interconnected world, with constant socialization. We are given windows into the private struggles of others, and while we do gain inspiration, a tendency can develop to live off that negative energy.  This can make it difficult to focus on our own struggles and rise above.  

 Chazal say that Yisroel is an acronym for “Yesh Shishim Ribo Osiyos Latoirah.” There are 600,000 letters in the Torah. There are 600,000 sparks of light that are meant to enlighten our souls that are divided into 600,000 souls.  The Torah is the remedy that brings light into the darkness. Every Jewish person is born with a divine spark, and the strength, capability and talent to fulfill the spark and bring light to people around them. 

​Sometimes, in our journey towards helping others and sharing light, we can get lost in the darkness.  Rebbe Nachaman guides us: “Zeh Massah Sheli…” This is his story, his struggle, and this is my struggle. My challenge is for me to grow and thrive from my story and another person’s story is his opportunity.  While we can and should support and help each other, we shouldn’t feed off someone else’s struggle and fall into negative practices, such as judging or gossiping.   

 According to Chazal, Haman Harasha  said to Achashverosh, “Just like their faces are all different, so are their thoughts.” Haman was trying to demean the Jewish people, saying that we are divided and fragmented.  And the truth is that when a yid is nebech disconnected from Hashem, his thoughts can be dangerously different from another Jew’s.  However, when we are connected to Hashem, we all have one way of thinking that unites us: the true light, the path of Torah.

 “Velecha parsha gait deya voch.” When we plug in to the weekly Torah portion and we study how our ancestors dealt with their trials, tribulations and their parshas, we draw on inspiration and we do our best to apply it to our lives. At the same time, we know that the action is ours, but the outcome isn’t.  Our story may not turn out like someone else’s. 

 “Veleche Parsha Giet Di Vuch.”

In cheder when we grew up as children, we would get this question from our rebbi. Sometimes, we would reply in embarrassment, “I’m not sure.”

But with this lesson from Reb Nachman, a Parsha is interpreted as an episode of someone's struggle. As Hashem has a plan and every person receives his personal portion of challenge.  If we embrace the advice of Reb Nachman and focus on our own episodes, we will be able to offer support, gain inspiration and continue to grow. In this special way, we can create a beautiful whole composed of distinctive individuals and unite through our internal core of Torah.    This is the spirit of the song. 


Song & concept: Hershy Weinberger

Music production & mix | Naftali Schnitzler at House of Music

Vocal production | Gershy Schwarcz at Edgware Studios

 A MUDEO Production

 Directed by Moshe Grunfeld

Filmed at Stellar Studios

Brand Design | Chumi at Love Branding NY

Focus Pulling | Tyce Hoskins & Anthony Decroce

Cinematography | Austin Hein

Special Effects | Miri Tennold


Yaakov Berger

Moshe Wiess

Eli Feferkorn (boy)

Beri Weber Management - Nachman Rosenblum: 845-537-5743

Beri Weber Music Management - Gershy Schwarcz @EdgwareStudios 845-671-1775

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