BDE: Mrs. Etty Miller, a”h, Young Mother of Three Children

BDE: Mrs. Etty Miller, a”h, Young Mother of Three Children

By: Yitzy Fried

We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Etty Miller, a”h, of Monsey, following a fierce battle with the dreaded machalah. She was a tragic and untimely thirty-four years of age.

She was the daughter of, ybl”ch, Reb Ezriel Mordechai Greenzweig, a pillar of the Bobover community in Monsey. She was married to ybl”ch, Reb Abba Miller.

The nifteres was known for her joyful personality, always ready to lend a hand to anyone and everyone in need, and an exceptionally devoted mother to her young children.

Three years ago, she was stricken with the dreaded machla, which she fought valiantly, with joy and deep emunah. Throughout her terrible ordeal, she did not complain, and never wanted anyone to go out of their way for her.

An extraordinary initiative launched by her many friends and family to donate a bus which would bring yiddishe kinderlach to yeshiva—as a zechus for her recovery. Sadly, despite these efforts, and the inordinate amount of tefillos of so many, she returned her pure neshomoh to its maker this afternoon—throwing her family, friends, and the entire Bobover chassidus into grief.

The levaya will take place in front of the Ostroh Shul, 5 Ridgeway Terrace, at 8:30 this evening. From there, the aron will proceed to Boro Park for a second levaya in front of the Bobover Beis Medrash, around 11:00.

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