Around the House: Get Your Chandelier Sparkling Clean

Around the House: Get Your Chandelier Sparkling Clean

By Yehudit Garmaise

With Rosh Chodesh Elul coming in on Wednesday night, we can prepare our dining rooms for Yom Tov beginning by cleaning the chandelier. 

Before beginning, turn off the light switch.

Also, take a minute to move the table, chairs, and any other furniture under your chandelier, so nothing gets dirty while cleaning.

Place a few large towels, open newspapers, or a dropcloth on the floor underneath the chandelier to catch dust and drips.

First, clean the chandelier’s metal frame, which can accumulate dust and dirt. Use a long feather duster to whisk away dust, lint, and cobwebs.

Clean, new paint brushes that are one or two inches wide are great tools to whisk away all the dirt in the light fixtures’ hard-to-reach crevices.

Once you have finished dusting, use a little water to dampen a cleaning towel, and gently clean the chandelier’s frame. 

Work your way around until you catch all of the dirty spots, but try not to twirl, pull, or spin the chandelier.

Remove any lampshades that clip onto your light bulbs. Use a dampened cloth with a feather duster and a dry sponge to wipe down the lampshades and remove any dirt, dust, and grime. If your chandelier’s lampshades don’t come off, you can gently wipe them down while they are still attached.

In addition, some vacuum cleaners include “soft-brush attachments” that can clean lampshades.

When you are ready to clean the crystals, you can make your own cleaning solution by combining 1 c. isopropyl alcohol and 4 c. distilled water in a clean spray bottle.

Remember to label your spray bottle “Chandelier Cleaner,” for future reference.

Steer clear of bleach or other harsh chemicals, which can damage, discolor, and mar fabrics.

Spray a small amount of the liquid onto a cloth and, very gently, wipe the crystals. 

Remove especially dirty pieces of crystal to clean them more thoroughly. 

You might want to wear white cotton gloves while you clean to avoid fingerprints.

It is not recommended to spray cleaning fluid right onto the crystals because doing so will make a mess,

Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner is one product that can do the work of hand-cleaning for you. To use, lay down newspapers or towels on the floor before dusting. 

Double-check that the light is turned off, and then spray the Chandelier Cleaner onto the light fixture, allowing all the dirt and grime to drip off onto the floor.

Hagerty’s packaging says, “The chandelier will dry spotlessly clean and bright.”

Once you take away your floor coverings, replace your lamp shades, sweep your floor, and put your table and chairs back in place, your dining room will provide a little extra elegance, sparkle, and simcha for the upcoming year.

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