Weekend Weather: Heat Ahead of 'Backdoor Cold Front'

Weekend Weather: Heat Ahead of 'Backdoor Cold Front'

Yaker Biegeleisen 

Friday will see another hot day, with temps reaching 90 degrees and with an air-quality alert due to the haze, affecting those with asthma and breathing difficulty.

A cold front usually comes from the west, but we are getting a cold front from the east, which is called a "backdoor cold front". This will bring us some rain on Friday afternoon, and some rain early Shabbos morning, but not nearly enough to offset the near-drought conditions that we are experiencing. 

The cold front will leave us with far more comfortable weather for Shabbos and the week ahead. Shabbos day will see temps in the upper 60's, and it will be cloudy over Shabbos. 

Motzei Shabbos may bring us a small shower very late at night. We are looking at a comfortable beginning of next week. 

Yaker Biegeleisen is RocklandDaily's weather and nature reporter.

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