Today in History: Nepal Earthquake.

Today in History: Nepal Earthquake.

By Idy Perl

Today, April 25th, marks the anniversary of the devasting 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

The deadliest natural disaster of 2015 was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal, killing 8,964 people and injuring 21,952 more. The earthquake also triggered an avalanche on Mt Everest, which killed an additional 22 people and is recorded as the deadliest incident on the mountain. Nepal continued getting aftershocks for weeks afterwards, some of which reached magnitudes as high as 6.7 and 7.3.

Residents of Nepal dealt with the damage of the earthquake for years afterwards as their government wasn’t equipped to deal with the extent of the destruction. A year later, an organization that fights poverty estimated that 660,000 families were still living in temporary or unsafe accommodations, and another 26,000 people were in displaced camps. 

The earthquake remains the worst natural disaster in Nepal until today.

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