Snapshot: M&M Tires

Snapshot: M&M Tires

By: Yitzy Fried 

Mendy Tumber, a Skverer chossid from Rockland County, spent years as a chaverim volunteer. 

In this time, he amassed a wealth of experience in assisting people out of their roadside crisis… as well as a passion for helping his fellow no matter where he may find himself. 

This fusion was the perfect foundation for the founding of his business, M & M Tires, which has just opened its second location, in the Catskills Mountains—bringing to life their motto of truly going the extra mile for their stranded customers. 

“We have been open since 2014,” Mendy tells Rockland Daily. “I used to volunteer as a Chaverim member… and when Chrysler began making their Town and Country vehicles without spare tires, I knew there was a business opportunity here.” 

Vehicle manufacturers have stopped putting in spare tires in order to reduce the weight that cars carry, thereby saving drivers fuel. At the same time, this means that a stranded driver no longer has the option of changing a tire on the road, or having Chaverim help him with this.

“The new reality is that the tire must be brought to you—and this is where we come in,” Mendy says. 

He began with one vehicle—and enlisted the help of his friends at Chaverim, who began recommending him to customers, and word began spreading about his on-site tire services.  Soon, Mendy had a second vehicle on the road, and a few years later he opened a tire shop outside New Square. 

Today, he has a fleet of three trucks, and two tire shops. 

Asked what he thinks contributed to his rapid growth, Mendy says, “service and honesty. We are open 24 hours a day, and we will be there within minutes of your call, in-and-out.” 

He sees and observed a lot from his unique vantage point. “The overnight hours will bring mostly delivery trucks who can’t afford to be late for their next stop and needs us to get them back on the road right away… but also random callers. One time a customer blew out all four tires on Monsey Boulevard at 3:30 in the morning…!,”he remembers.  

There is also something about people being preoccupied that causes them to blow out a tire. “We have an inordinate amount of mechutanim calling us frantically that they just finished the wedding and they hit the curb. I don’t know what to make of this, but this is one of the more common calls,” Mendy muses.  

Whatever the cause, and whatever time of the day it may be, Mendy and his team will be right there to switch out your tire and get you back on your own four wheels. 

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