Scotland Hill Boys Learning Program Holds Mishnayos Siyum

Scotland Hill Boys Learning Program Holds Mishnayos Siyum

by M. C. Millman

The Scotland Hill Boys Learning Program celebrated a beautiful Mishnayos Siyum on Seder Moed yesterday hosted by the Eichorn Family.

Each and every boy who participated in the Mishnayos learning program since its inception was invited to attend, which brought approximately fifty boys eager to celebrate their joint accomplishment. 

"It was so uplifting attending the Siyum and participating in this momentous occasion," Chestnut Ridge Deputy Mayor Chaim Rose tells Rockland Daily. "I am in awe of Trustee Shmuli Fromovitz and all the efforts he pours into his talmidim. It's a true nachas to see. It was also a zechus to hear Rabbi Moshe Langer's words of Torah and Chizuk shared with the talmidim."

The Scotland Hill Mishnayos Program began two years ago with a total of five boys. Since then, the program has only grown and boasts twenty-five 4th-6th grade boys on a regular night, along with a parallel Gemara shiur attended by fifteen 7th and 8th-grade boys.

"As Rabbi Avi Friede aptly mentioned in his dynamic address at the Siyum, these boys truly deserve a world of credit for their dedication and commitment to nightly Mishnayos learning. It isn't easy sacrificing an hour in the evening to learn Mishnayos accompanied by extensive chazarah, but these boys are always there after a tiring day in Yeshiva, bringing their energy and commitment. It is a true nachas to watch them grow," Village Trustee Shmuli Fromovitz, who launched the program, shares with Rockland Daily. "I am so proud of their accomplishments, and I look forward to us reaching many more milestones together with much Siyata Dishmaya."

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