Safety Reminders in Honor of National Bike Month

Safety Reminders in Honor of National Bike Month

Mindy Cohn

Riding your bike is a great way to enjoy the spring and beyond, but safety should always be paramount. 

In Rockland County, all cyclists are required to wear a helmet, regardless of how old they are. A press release by Rockland County in honor of National Bike Month relays that "wearing a helmet that fits right every time you ride is the single most effective way to prevent a head injury from a bicycle crash."

"Springtime is a great time to ride your bicycle throughout our County," says County Executive Ed Day. "however, more cyclists on the roads can lead to more injuries. We all must be focused and alert to the road conditions, traffic, other cyclists, and pedestrians around us to avoid crashes." 

The New York State Governor's Traffic Safety Committee provides tips for a safe bike riding experience:

Be Predictable!

  • Ride your bicycle with traffic, not against it.
  • Ride as close to the right side of the road as you safely can. Use the shoulder or the bike lane rather than the road whenever it is safe to do so.
  • Use hand signals when making a turn and obey traffic signs and signals.
  • Don't hang on to other vehicles.

Be Seen!

  • Don't assume a driver has seen you. Establish eye contact or adjust your activity to ensure they know your presence.
  • Use a headlight and taillight when driving at night. Use front and rear reflectors, spoke reflectors, and pedal reflectors. Wear light-colored clothing and add reflective material to increase your visibility at night.
  • Use your horn, bell, and/or voice to communicate your presence to other motorists sharing the road.

Be Careful!

  • Avoid road construction, congested two-way streets, and complicated intersections whenever possible.
  • Keep your bicycle's tires, brakes, and safety equipment in good working order.
  • Know your limitations and your bicycle's limitations.
  • Look behind you and all around. The more you observe other vehicles and pedestrians around you, the safer you will be.

Be Smart!

  • Avoid distractions. Don't bike and use a cell phone. If using a portable audio device, only one earphone can be worn while biking.

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