Rockland Responds: Village of Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Yisroel Eisenbach Responds to Question on Increased Car Break-ins in the Village

Rockland Responds: Village of Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Yisroel Eisenbach Responds to Question on Increased Car Break-ins in the Village

Dear Village of Spring Valley, 

It seems that every Motzei Shabbos, it's the same story, only worse as week after week, the reports of car break-ins only increase. Not only are cars robbed of whatever items these chronic thieves can find, but car windows are smashed to get at whatever is inside. To make matters worse, village residents are told time and again that the police are aware of the individuals who are doing it, but their hands are tied. 

Is this supposed to make us feel better? Because it doesn't? What does that mean? If the police know who the thieves are, why haven't they been arrested? Why are they free to roam our streets and steal whatever isn't nailed down without suffering any repercussions, and why aren't our village electeds helping with this matter as their cars are targets as well?

Lastly, what's the point of having a police department anyway if they can't even nab the thieves even when they know their name, address, and modus operandi? 


A Spring Valley Resident

Dear Spring Valley Resident, 

I understand the terrible frustration you and other village residents are feeling and how upset you are with the current situation where you feel that the police are not doing enough to put a stop to the ongoing car break-ins within the Village. 

While residents' frustrations continue to run high in regard to this issue, the fact is that the Village of Spring Valley elected officials and the Spring Valley Police Department are doing everything they can within the letter of the law to assist the community.

I spoke with the Spring Valley Police Department in depth about this matter, and it was explained to me that, for the most part, there is nothing the Spring Valley police department can do when it comes to most crimes that take place in the village that have to do with vehicle break-ins. 

If a person walks down the street and tries all the door handles of each vehicle he passes, this is not a crime. If he opens the doors of the cars, this is also not a crime. He cannot even be arrested if he goes inside a car that is not his. If he happens to steal something valued at less than $1,000, this is only petty larceny and not grand theft, and again, he won't be arrested. 

This is all due to bail reform, which has tied the hands of our local police department. The law is the law and not something that is based on people's expectations, and the Spring Valley Police Department has to follow the law whether they like it or not. 

Given that most of the thefts are of items taken from unlocked cars, residents should make sure to lock the doors of their cars so as not to be easy targets and to not leave any valuables in the car so that thieves aren't tempted to break the windows to steal them. 

Additionally, residents should always file a police report, no matter how minor the crime, because every report counts and builds on others, and the more reports there are that are filed, the more the police will have to find a solution to more appropriately respond to such crimes. 

You can find the letter from Spring Valley Chief of Police Richard Oleszczuk below. 

Hoping this answers your questions.


Yisroel Eisenbach

Village of Spring Valley Deputy Mayor

Email [email protected] to have your question answered. 

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