Rockland County Residents to be Assigned (329) Area Code: Starting End of 2023

Rockland County Residents to be Assigned (329) Area Code: Starting End of 2023

By Sarah Morgenstern

Rockland County residents who request new phone service at the end of 2023 will be assigned the area code (329), the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) announced today.

Residents' phone numbers that already include the (845) area code will remain unchanged. The new (329) area code will only impact residents who have recently moved to the area, seek new phone numbers for new phones, or wish to add additional lines, reported.

When PSC realized few potential new numbers were left to assign with Rockland County’s previous single area code of (845), the new area code was set to be rolled out in the third quarter of 2024, however, after large numbers of newcomers continued to move to the region, the PSC changed its plan to implement the (329) area code: almost one year earlier.

While the quantity of requests for new phone numbers in the area is on the rise, PSC officials said that they do not expect the (329) area code to run out of potential phone numbers for more than another 28 years.

In addition to Rockland County, the resident from the following counties will also be assigned the new (329) area code.

• Columbia

• Delaware

• Dutchess

• Greene

• Orange

• Putnam

• Sullivan

• Ulster

• Westchester

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