NY Lawmakers Face 4pm Deadline to Resolve Bail Reform Discord in State Budget

NY Lawmakers Face 4pm Deadline to Resolve Bail Reform Discord in State Budget

By Yehudit Garmaise

Disagreement on bail reform has caused New York lawmakers, who have until 4pm today to come to a consensus, to miss Friday’s deadline to reach an agreement on the priorities for the state’s new $216 billion budget.

Gov. Kathy Hochul and many other elected officials want to amend the state’s bail reform laws by making more crimes eligible for bail.

In addition, before judges decides on appropriate bail sums for criminals, Gov. Hochul  and other legislators would allow judges to consider the danger defendants pose to the community, if they were to immediately return to the streets without bail.

While most Democrats reject the idea to allow judges to determine whether perpetrators will continue to harm others if they are immediately allowed back on the streets, Republicans feel the lawmakers’ plan does not go far enough.

While residents of Orthodox Jewish communities and others have seen the same criminals come back to commit hate crimes the day after they were arrested for previous crimes, many progressives, such as Lisa Tyson, with the Progressive Coalition, says lawmakers should leave the bail reform as it is because it is working. 

“Studies show it’s been very successful, and the budget should go through at this point with no changes whatsoever,” Tyson told HudsonValleyNews12.

Many New Yorkers, however, feel that people should not be allowed out on the street just hours after committing crime. 

“I don’t that anybody should committing crimes on police officers and then eight hours later, just be back out on the street,” one New York resident said. 

While New York lawmakers continue to disagree on bail reform, 60,000 state workers’ paychecks will not be delivered on time, if a budget does not get approved by 4pm Monday.

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