New Vaad Ha’Eruv Will Represent All Kehillos in Monsey

New Vaad Ha’Eruv Will Represent All Kehillos in Monsey

Yitzy Fried 

Excitement is greeting the news that a new Eruv committee has been formed in Monsey, representing all of Monsey’s kehillos, and led by the most distinguished Rabbonim and Admorim of Rockland County. 

A meeting was held on Sunday with the participation of two hundred dayonim and Rabbonim from the Monsey community to discuss the current crisis state of Monsey’s eruv—with regard to finances and logistics—and the need for an authority to oversee the eruv of a community that now encompasses over fifty square miles.   

It was for this purpose that the Rabbonim were gathered; to chart the way forward, united, for Monsey’s eruv. 

An address was heard from the Satmar Rav of Monsey, the Viener Rov, as well as the Viznitzer Rebbe, who will serve as the Nosi of the new Vaad Ha’Eruv of Monsey and its suburbs. 

In addition to the rabbinic committee, the eruv will have a committee of lay leaders, and a staff of paid individuals in charge of checking the eruv every week—ensuring the maximum reliability and kashrus of Monsey’s eruv. 

The responsibility for the eruv’s kashrus will be shared by a number of kehillos in the town, including the Viznitzer kehillah which erected the first section of the eruv over sixty years ago. 

More news will be shared by the Vaad Ha’Eruv in the coming weeks and months regarding the new system, which will also enable all of Monsey’s residents to take part in the costs of the eruv, as mandated by halacha.

Photos By - Yossi Goldberger

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