Monsey Memories: Rabbi Dov Ber Drachman

Monsey Memories: Rabbi Dov Ber Drachman

Yitzy Fried

One of New York’s prominent Rabbonim in the early days was Rabbi Dov Ber (Bernard) Drachman, who served as the Rabbi of Congregation Zichron Ephraim on 69th Street in New York.

We read in one of the Rockland newspapers about Rabbi Drachman’s acquiescence to serve as the rov of a Rockland congregation.

“Local Jewish congregation secures services of Rabbi Drachman. Will teach in Hebrew School. The Rev. Bernard Drachman, one of the most prominent Rabbis in New York City as well as America, has become affiliated with the Congregation of the Sons of Jacob in Haverstraw.

“The Rev. Dr. Drachman has long been intimate with this congregation and was induced to accept this congregation’s offer because of these terms of intimacy. He has preached here on several occasions in the past as well as officiated at prominent marriages and funerals. He also dedicated the new addition to the Synagogue. 

“The Congregation, in its desire to keep the school for the young people of the Synagogue, extended the invitation to Dr. Drachman to come here a couple of times a week for the instruction of the children in Hebrew and religion and to come to Haverstraw about twice a month to conduct the religious services in the Synagogue.

“The members of the Congregation desired an American-born Rabbi with an unlimited knowledge of English to carry on this work. They feel that they could have secured the cooperation to no more able man than Dr. Drachman, who is President of the Jewish Sabbath Alliance of America and the Honorary President of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, of which he was the active President for several years. He is also the author of several books and essays on scientific and religious themes which have to do with Judaism. Dr. Drachman will continue to hold his place as Rabbi of the Synagogue of the Congregation of the Zichron Ephraim on East 67th Street, New York.

“On Sunday, November 14th, a congregational reception will be held in the Synagogue in honor of Dr. Drachman, at which time he will deliver an address on modern religious problems.

Rabbi Drachman was niftar on 28 Adar, 1945, and was interred in the Mt. Zion Cemetery. 

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