HORROR IN MONROE: Massive Blaze Snuffs out Three Lives R"L

HORROR IN MONROE: Massive Blaze Snuffs out Three Lives R"L

By: YS Gold 

A horrific tragedy unfolded in Monroe in the wee hours of Thursday morning when a fast-moving blaze took the lives of a father, a mother, and their young daughter. 

At around 1:00 in the morning, reports came in about a house fire on Highland Avenue in Monroe. By the time fire fighters and first responders arrived at the scene, most of the house was engulfed in flames. 

It was immediately feared that the residents of the home, Kalman Goldstein, his wife Sarah, and their young daughter, were trapped in the home—but rescuers were unable to reach them due to the flames. 

By the time the blaze was extinguished, it was tragically too late for these young, precious lives. 

Investigators are currently working to ascertain the cause of the fire. The Levaya will presumably take place in Monroe sometime Thursday. We will publish details when they become available.

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