Heimish Marketing Students Learn From Leaders in Marketing

Heimish Marketing Students Learn From Leaders in Marketing

This week, Viewpoint Academy invited Yossi Blumenfeld from GCNY Marketing-the largest heimish Jewish marketing agency in the US-to educate new young students that are getting into the marketing space.

He gave an interactive lesson to a full house. He explained the landscape of Jewish marketing and marketing at large, sharing valuable tips and strategies to inspire young Heimish marketing professionals. Viewpoint's Branding, Marketing and Design students were excited by his knowledge and experience and absorbed every word of his captivating presentation.

The lesson included an overview of the marketing business and offered expert guidance, useful pointers, and creative methods on how to succeed in the highly competitive field of marketing.

Yossi was impressed with the students' eagerness to learn. "I used to think success in marketing was only about graphic design and staying trendy. But after this lesson, I realized that having the right approach and organizational structure is the key to building a creative business," said one student.

It's a kiddush Hashem to see bigger Jewish open-minded business owners sharing their trade secrets with young new students to guide them to success.

Viewpoint is leading Heimish education and is bringing hands-on leaders to being real valuable to their students.

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