Greenberger Medley - Shea Kaller Ft. Chaim Mordeche Feuerwarger & Yedidim Choir

Enjoy a beautiful heartwarming medley of songs composed by the great Meshilem Greenberger old time classic gems. Brought to you by the ‘Shea Kaller Band’ & ‘Yossi Shick Label’, presenting the new rising Chassidish performer “Chaim Mordche Feuerwarger”.

Chaim Mordche, blessed with a extreme sweet voice has been around in the Jewish Music Scene singing here and there, as previously known for being featured on the famous ‘Yingerlich’ albums.

The time has come for Chaim Mordche to enter the scene of live events, and for people to enjoy his unbelievable beautiful voice, therefore we teamed up with him and his manager’s team to bring you this medley.

At a recent event where we had the honor to be joined on stage together with the amazing ‘Yedidim Choir’ we filmed this beautiful clip which we’re sure you’re going to enjoy.


Songs Composed by: Meshilem Greenberger

Project Produced by: Yossi Shick Label

Music by: Shea Kaller Band

Arranged by: Shea Kaller

Choir by: Yedidim Choir

Arranged & Conducted by: Yoel Hersh Fuchs

Live Sound by: Stellar Production 

Engineered by Moishy Zukerman 

Mixed by: Chaim Gottesman 

Video shotby: Motty Engel @ Engel Studios, NJ

Edited by: Hershy Segal @ Hershis, Israel

Stage Production: Shea Kaller Team

Stage Lighting by: GW Lighting

Thumbnail Design: Yanky Heller/ArrangeIt.Media

Digital Media & PR by: ArrangeIt.Media

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