Frum Yid Assaulted at Chase Bank by Violent Bank Patron Who Threatened to Kill Him

Frum Yid Assaulted at Chase Bank by Violent Bank Patron Who Threatened to Kill Him

By M.C. Millman

S.D. was in the vestibule of Chase Bank in Monsey around noon today, waiting his turn for the ATM, when a black male entered after him and cut him in line.

When S.D. politely called him out for going ahead of him, the man got upset and immediately attacked S.D. At the same time as he was landing punches, he cursed S.D. out along with all Jews and then progressed in threatening to kill him and Jews in general.

S.D. then left the vestibule, as did the rest of the bank customers, leaving the attacker to complete his bank transaction on his own inside the lobby.

S.D. made good use of those few moments by calling both Chaverim and the Ramapo Police Department. Three Chaverim units were at the scene within minutes.

In the meantime, an unpleasant surprise awaited the attacker once he finished his bank transaction. While everyone else at the scene was too scared to do anything, S.D. realized that as Chaverim would be there soon, all he had to do to prevent the attacker from escaping was to block the door as the bank itself was closed due to Veterans Day.

“I put my foot out to block the door and keep him in there since I knew Chaverim would be there quick,” S.D. shares with Rockland Daily. “At one point, he almost got out, but in the end, when he realized he wasn’t going to be able to, he picked up the metal garbage can to break the glass of the door to get out. At that point, Chaverim came.”

When S.D. stepped aside, his attacker escaped and, after roundly cursing out all Jews and especially the ones in front of him, before fleeing in his car. Chaverim kept on his tail so the police would know where he was even though he ran red lights and stop signs.

The attacker was finally taken into custody on Old Nyack Turnpike near Bais Rochel. S.D. then went to the Ramapo Police Department to identify his attacker before filling out his own report, which will hopefully lead to the perpetrator’s arrest.

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