Fargin Ah Yid - Yitzy & Shauly Waldner

''Fargin Ah Yid’' - Three simple words...but not so simple to do.

‘Yitzchok Perlstien’ a name synonymous with Chessed and awareness in Torah values specifically his incredible awareness campaign and successes with the “Don’t talk in Shul movement” getting thousands of Yiddin around the world to take upon themselves to stop talking during the Davening, now Perlstien turns his sites on promoting the awareness of ‘Eyin Tov’.

All too often we look at other people's successes, and silently wish why we can’t have what they have, if we were only to realize that whatever they have is completely given to them by Hashem and not any of that belongs to us and whatever we have is given to us by Hasham as well.

"Fargin Ah Yid’' literally means be happy for what your friend has and that you’ll come to realize that it’s all from above and you will enjoy successes as well.

Yitzchok tasked his cousin ‘Yitzy Waldner’ to write and produce a song that can convey this message and with Siyata Dishmaya a great song was born.

Yitzy teamed up once again with his brother ‘Shauly’ a world renown wedding singer to deliver a fun packed song with a holy message as ‘Reb Meilech Biderman” quotes from previous Gedolim that ‘Poseach Es Yadecha’ is R”T "Fargin Ah Yid'’.

So lets take upon ourselves to be happy for one another in all instances of life and in that merit Hashem will grant us success in all our endeavors!


Composed & Produced by: Yitzy Waldner.

Lyrics: Yitzy Waldner.

Music Arranged by: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry.

Mixed & Mastered by: Ravid Kashti.



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