FAA's Next Steps to Improve Airport Safety

FAA's Next Steps to Improve Airport Safety

Mindy Cohn 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has scheduled sixteen more safety meetings at various airports, which it plans on completing before the end of the year.

These meetings come after multiple safety incidents, which caused the FAA to issue a Safety Call to Action. This ultimately resulted in a commitment from the FAA and aviation community to set a goal of zero serious close calls. 

Back in August, the FAA scheduled similar safety meetings at 90 major airports, including LaGuardia, as reported by Rockland Daily here.

The latest list of additional airports scheduled for safety meetings include Newark Liberty International Airport and New York Stewart International Airport. This additional list was announced on Monday. 

According to the FAA, these Runway Safety Action Team meetings are held annually with a control tower to pinpoint and address airport-specific risks in the surface environment. After the meeting, a Runway Safety Action Plan is produced, and stakeholders agree to pursue actions to mitigate or eliminate identified risks.

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