Congressman Lawler Declares "U.S. Support for Israel Must be Unconditional"

Congressman Lawler Declares  "U.S. Support for Israel Must be Unconditional"
Congressman Mike Lawler declares that U.S. support for Israel must be unconditional.

The Congressman's statement was shared in a press release this evening in which Lawler states, "It was just reported that Democratic members of the House and Senate are attempting to attach conditions onto U.S. aid to Israel. This conditioning is based on a Hamas-fueled lie that Israel is the aggressor in Gaza. I have been clear on this from the beginning - the only oppressors of the people of Gaza are Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and their Iranian backers."

Last night, before the Rockland County Town Hall, held by the Congressman,  Lawler addressed hundreds of constituents who had gathered earlier for a "Bring Them Home" rally supporting Israel and demanding the safe return of the hundreds Hamas took hostage during their October 7 terrorist attack and murderous rampage through Israel as reported by Rockland Daily here. 

"Nearly three weeks ago, the House passed a $14.3 billion aid package to support Israel," the Congressman states. "Despite the passage of this legislation being bipartisan, several of my Democratic colleagues took umbrage over the fact that the aid was offset by reversals of IRS funding increases. Those colleagues wrongfully accused us of making this aid package conditional. As I stated when I rose on the House floor in support of our $14.3 billion aid package for Israel, paying for aid is not conditioning it:

"We must be resolute and unwavering in our support for Israel. That's why if Bernie Sanders and Squad Democrats succeed in putting restrictions on our support for Israel, I will work with colleagues in both parties to remove those restrictions."

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