300 Sofrim Attend Launch of New 'Beis Din L'inyanei Stam'

300 Sofrim Attend Launch of New 'Beis Din L'inyanei Stam'

Nearly 300 sofrim attended the launch of a new beis din in Monsey which will oversee everything that pertains to safrus and will be headed by the Satmar Rov of Monsey.

The expectation of the rabbanim behind the beis din, Otzar Halevi, is to get a firmer grasp of who is writing sifrei Torah tefillin and mezuzas and to ensure they are kosher. 

Rav Yoel Yitzchok Stern, the Dinover dayan of Kiryas Joel chaired the evening. The introduction was given by Rav Yoel Gutman, a Dayan in Kiryas Joel.

Rav Moshe Kessler, the rosh kollel of Vizhnitz Monsey, offered an in-depth look at best practices for checking tefillin. Rav Yitzchok Spitzer, a Dayan in New Square, explained why it was so important for anyone involved in safrus to be thoroughly familiar with the halachos. The Satmar Rov of Monsey concluded the event by recapping the takanos of the new beis din.

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