Tales of Triumph Shared by 8 Holocaust Survivors

Tales of Triumph Shared by 8 Holocaust Survivors

This Tisha b'Av be inspired by eight Holocaust survivors who share their stories of trials and tribulations, of beating the odds through faith and courage. 

Listen as each survivor shares their unique story of perseverance and survival during an interview with Heshy Rubinstein, as published on BoroPark24 over the years, and now combined in one place for this meaningful day.

Hersy Rubinstein, founder of the Yizkor Foundation, can be reached at 9176425209.

Reb Leibel Fleishman z"l

Mr. Fred Turner z"l

Reb Chaim Arye Spitz z"l

Reb Chaim Zalmen Matyas z"l

Reb Avrum Shmuel Blau z"l

Reb Grainom Lazewnik z"l

Reb Nissan Leser z"l

Reb Luzer Kolman z"l

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