Rockland Responds: Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht Responds to Question About Strengthening Infrastructure

Rockland Responds: Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht Responds to Question About Strengthening Infrastructure

Dear Town of Ramapo,

As a long-time member of our community, I have witnessed the incredible growth and development of our town in recent years. From a small shtetel to a bustling city-like town, we have seen new developments spring up to provide housing for us and our children.

However, amidst all this progress, there is one glaring issue that remains unchanged - our infrastructure. While I understand that we cannot fix everything overnight, there are certainly improvements that could and should be made to make our town run more smoothly.

Take, for example, the intersection of Cedar Lane and Route 306, where upper and lower Monsey converge. During busy hours, the traffic there is nearly unbearable. A simple turning lane on Cedar Lane could make a world of difference, yet this solution has been discussed for years without any action being taken.

It is baffling to me that while we approve the construction of four-story buildings, we neglect to update our infrastructure to accommodate this growth. I urge our town officials to prioritize these necessary improvements so we can continue to thrive as a community.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

A Concerned Monsey resident

Dear Concerned Monsey Resident:

Thank you for expressing your concerns. We at the Town of Ramapo agree that our infrastructure needs to be upgraded to accommodate the growth that has taken place in our community. 

We have completed sewer and sidewalk installations in various areas, installed new streetlights, and are applying for work permits for turning lanes on county and state roads in order to expedite the installation. The Cedar Lane and Route 306 intersection is one of these that is under the jurisdiction of the New York State  Department of Transportation. We are currently having direct discussions with the regional representatives of DOT, with the goal of working together to upgrade intersections on state roads within the Town.

Michael Specht, Town of Ramapo Supervisor

Email [email protected] to have your question answered.

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