Rockland Daily Responds to False Assertion by The Journal News/

Rockland Daily Responds to False Assertion by The Journal News/

Congressman Mike Lawler recently held a town hall on Sunday, November 19 at Rockland Community College for his constituents, which was not open to the press. 

Rockland Daily discovered the event was closed to reporters when we requested a press pass from the congressman's office, which we were denied. We complied with the stated rules and did not send a reporter to cover the event.  Our photographer did attend as a local resident and a constituent in the 17th congressional district.

Rockland Daily was on hand to cover the pro-Israel rally that took place before the town hall outside on the college campus. The independent event included a statement delivered by Congressman Lawler, and our photographer was on hand to cover that news, as seen here on Rockland Daily. Our photographer then attended the town hall as a private citizen and resident of Congressman Lawler's district. Unlike the Lohud reporter who authored this piece published by LoHud yesterday, our photographer did not sneak in with someone else's ticket, a highly questionable maneuver at best and a matter of dubious distinction to boast about to LoHud readers.

While our photographer complied with the requirement that no professional photos were allowed during the town hall, he did take pictures with his cell phone like any other citizen, which he shared with Rockland Daily.

As a news outlet, we strive to report the news in an objective manner. The same cannot be said for Lohud, which has a clear and longstanding bias towards those on the right and Orthodox Jews. 

We are calling for an immediate retraction from David McKay Wilson and the Rockland Journal News/ 

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