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At the annual Achim B’Ychad - Chai Lifeline Pre Purim Party, a beautiful and heartwarming performance took place. The performances which were attended by many featured the famous and talented Shir V’Shevach Boys Choir accompanied by The Yedidim Choir and Shmiel Hersh Miller. 

Achim B'Yachad provides joy and happiness to children and their families who go through illness. They create opportunities for the families to gather and enjoy events featuring top entertainers. These outings provide the families with joy and energy in their difficult times. 

The beautiful songs and melodies created an uplifting atmosphere filled with gratitude which was felt by the children and volunteers. May ה׳ listen to our תפילות and grant a speedy recovery for all חולי ישראל.

A special thanks to Chaim Mier Fligman for going above and beyond to create such a memorable event.

Video Credits:

Music Arranged & Conducted By: Shmiel Hersh Miller

Sung By: Yedidim Choir & Shir V’Shevach Boys Choir 

Shir V’shevach Boys Choir Arranged & Conducted By: Chaim Meir Fligman 

Child Soloists 

Song 1, Motty Kalisch

Song 2, Yossi Pasternak 

Song 3, Motty Kalisch 

Song 4, Yidel Trieger

Song 5, Yitzy Sabel 

Yedidim Choir Arranged & Led By: Yidel Aber Rosenberg 

Live Sound & Engineered By: Chesky Levy 

Lighting By: Glo Lighting 

Video Filmed By: Chaim Moskowitz 

Video Editing By: Nachman Taub

Audio Mix & Mastered By: Shimon Strohli

Additional Programming By: Moishy Lebowitz 

Venue: The Atrium 

Special thanks to Anshi Salamon for arranging the music. 


Refuainu #1 - Composed and Sung By Lipa Schmeltzer 

Refuainu #2  - Composed By: Yerachmiel Begun Sung By: Miami Boys Choir 

Keil Nu - Composed By: Yossi Green Sung By: Yiddish Nachas 

Ovinu Malkeinu - Composed and Sung By: Baruch Levine 

Shabbos He M’lizoik - Composed By: Aron Y Shpilman - Sung by Beri Weber 

Shabbos He M’Lizoik - Composed by Yossi Green

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