Readers Write: Take Over the Wheel

Readers Write: Take Over the Wheel

The safety of our families is our highest priority. And while we all work non-stop to build the geder as high as necessary to support our ongoing vigilant efforts to keep out the bad, sometimes we don't realize we have let our guard down and invited the insidious elements right through the gate due to old habits.

What am I referring to in this case? Taxis!

The harm that can come from calling the wrong taxi service because it's what we're used to, or because we can't take the time to wait for a different one, or simply because we never thought about the fact that we are leaving our most precious possessions, our wives and children, in the hands of would-be predators is something that must change.

Our rabbanim have begun to publicly decry allowing exposure to this element into our lives. It behooves us to heed their warning and guard our families' purity by following the steps below:

NEVER take a car service that is not legal and registered. If the driver doesn't have his information clearly visible on the back of his seat, don't get in the taxi.

Utilize the local bus system instead.

When a taxi is required, only use a company where you can track your driver by date/time/location should there ever be a need for such information.

Take an Uber, which is 100% trackable.

Note: Uber and Lyft service is available through text as well. Simply text Tremp 732-479-7080 with your destination address, and you will receive confirmation of your ride with the price and other necessary, trackable details.

Report any incident of impropriety. As the reports have only increased over the past months, this is the only way to put a stop to the preying on our families. Report issues by either calling your local police department or sharing the incident with Chaverim, who will help you report the issue.

Through teamwork, we will iy"H see results quickly and continue to keep our families safe.

Gedaliya E.

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